The baby’s first few years are passing. Here comes a big question for some families: is it time to put the little one in the nursery? The development of language in the nursery  can be one of the reasons to take you to enroll your little one .

In what context are the little ones inserted?

Currently, I have seen many children with delayed speech development because they end up being very alone. Therefore, there is a lack of stimulation and in some cases they spend a lot of time on television. So, in this case, the nursery is a very nice opportunity for this little one to leave. With that, socialize, have fun and create a connection with other adults and children.

What is the benefit of daycare?

In general, the nursery is a very rich place that can help a lot in the child’s language development. This is because it is a place full of qualified professionals to stimulate, teach and mediate this development. Child learning is very model-based. The child who goes to school can learn a lot from others in such a rich environment.

There are contradictory cases

A lot of people never thought about it, but there are a lot of little ones who have a certain delay in language development. At 2 years old, for example, they still speak very little or almost nothing. In such cases, starting to attend a daycare center can be a little traumatic for the little one. This is because this child will end up not being able to communicate properly with new friends. Besides, people may not be able to interpret what she means, generating a little nervousness and anxiety. It depends a lot from child to child.

In such cases, it is recommended that an assessment be made with a speech therapist before enrolling the child in the daycare center. Thus, it is possible to know if it is time, or if it is better to wait. Sometimes, even doing a little therapy for the little one to advance in the language first is a priority.

Ashley Brown